Sunday, 6 March 2011

Places for Hiding

I have been spending my time making these little collages that show places for hiding. There are 7 of them (these 3 are the best) and they were supposed to make up a small book, which didn't work out. It really frustrated me trying to make this book! So I'm moving on.
The hiding places are the classics - behind the painting, through the fireplace and beneath the trunk etc. I like the classics because they remind me of old spoof horror movies. They also remind me of Twin Peaks - which I think I might have become fanatical about - where at first everything seems idyllic and quaint, but under the surface lurks menace. There definitely can be something sinister about a quaint or twee place.

There are so many instances of hiding places in Twin Peaks including: Audrey's secret door in the wainscotting, Catherine's box with the fake bottom and Harold's bookcase with a hidden rotating shelf. I just really love how it's all so strange.

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