Monday, 7 February 2011

Last week we made a trip to Liverpool to see the Nam June Paik exhibition showing at FACT gallery and the Tate. On the groundfloor of FACT is one of his pieces: 'Laser Cone', which is a fabulous laser installation, projected onto what looks like a tipi that you can lie beneath and watch the lasers perform over the conical shape. It's very hypnotic and I particularly like that at times it feels as though you're being pulled up into it like a wormhole.

We also went to see the 'Underwater' exhibition at The Bluecoat where there was a video piece called 'Jellyfish Lake' playing that shows a woman floating in water teeming with jellyfish. I found it difficult to see them brush against her at first, but then they were so very delicate and peaceful, that I wanted to watch and watch.

There are also two beautiful images by Daniel Gustav Cramer depicting the haunting, misty depths of the seabed. The rocks and silts rise over the lonely and decaying underwater world.
I took a look at his website and I love his work - it's made up of lots of quirky observations, must remember to look back at it again.

At the Tate I came across the work of Daniel Spoerri, something I hadn't seen before. The piece is called 'Prose Poems', and it's one of the works he called 'picture-traps' because he would fix the objects found in chance positions and hang them vertically on a wall. It's very odd to view, you imagine trying to eat out of the bowl and it wouldn't work. I really like this idea of taking everyday objects and changing a person's experience of them, and also the fact that he has preserved the moment - something very routine that he took notice of.

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