Friday, 4 February 2011

So after the feedback tutorials I realised I needed to start bringing the house to life and giving it some sort of narrative. Whilst thinking about how I might do this, I really liked the idea of lighting up the windows, as though the house has awakened and there is activity inside.
I photographed the main house after experimenting with different ways of subtly lighting it - the best was to use a bit of light from my laptop screen, it gives off a blue glow which looks very mysterious.
Then I made a cluster of small houses and photographed them glowing within a tight space, so that I could try and make it seem as though they occupied the cavity beneath the floor that the main house sits on.
They are a little community of houses hidden away so that we might never have realised they exist. I've been thinking about how things or places might remain hidden without us knowing. Like with the case of these houses, what is going on beneath our feet? We might be unaware or unsuspecting that there is more to a place than meets the eye, and the possibility of discovering where or what that might be is really exciting - it's that great desire to know that we have rattling around inside of us.

With the windows lit up you get glimpses of what's inside, and there are some eerie shadows lurking about behind the windows of the secret houses:

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