Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The house that slept for 100 years...

There's a fascinating story on the BBC news website today - it's about a French mansion that has only just opened to the public after being kept locked up for 100 years.
The final wishes of it's owner, Louis Mantin, were that it should be turned into a museum a century after his death, like reopening a time capsule.

The house allowed Mantin to indulge his obsession with death and the passage of time; it was his way of becoming eternal through time inside the house remaining still. I wonder what they thought they might find when they opened it up?


Friday, 14 January 2011

Bringing the house to life with light, testing it out.

I wish that I could have gone to the 'Psycho Buildings' exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London, 2008. Unfortunately I've found out about it nearly 3 years too late and have no time machine, so all I can do is look at the pictures.

The exhibition called on 10 artists to design architectural environments that would transform the Hayward's space to radically alter a person's experience of the building. To shake us out of any limited expectations we have of our architectural surroundings.
The idea of playing around with the architecture of a building fascinates me, especially 'the house' - we spend our lives in them and have so many general assumptions about how they should be and what they should look like.

Mike Nelson, 'To the Memory of HP Lovecraft'. The space asks the question what the hell has been here? Must be some awful creature straight out of one of Lovecraft's novels.

Atelier Bow-Wow, 'Life Tunnel'. The piece delivers you to the Hayward's next level up, like a worm hole that you have been sucked into. It's a way of travelling through the building, unsure of where you may end up and what you might find there.

Gelitin, 'Normally, Preceeding and Unrestricted with without Title'. The boating lake on the roof terrace seems like a lot of fun; a gentle surrealisation of a dull space. It reawakens childhood excitement and plays on the things we might, as children, have dreamed a space to be.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Presentation for Platt Hall.

This is my finished piece that was on display in the Link Gallery - the house along with some photos illustrating its contents. We presented our ideas to Liz Mitchell from Manchester Art Gallery for the potential future exhibition inspired by Mary Greg's bygone collection.

I proposed to her my birdhouse, in which you open up the doors to find these little birds inside going about daily life like a human.

I also suggested for the exhibition that I would really love to create more of these houses - a hidden community that a person could uncover that would mirror the feeling of discovery I had when routing through the collection.