Friday, 12 November 2010


Thomas Doyle creates miniature worlds in order to depict remnants of the past. Like a film still, they tell part of a story, in the same hazy way we might recall a memory. The image above is part of the Distillation series, which is focused on the home (which is probably why I love his work so much). The series aims to 'boil life down to the moments that define who we are', and so consequently deals a lot with childhood, during which, the home is crucial and acts as a stage for the majority of memories.

The tiny, intimate scale allows us to be drawn into the moment and invites us to become a part of it, we're like the all-seeing eye. The works are often sealed under glass which keeps the viewer at a distance and the world inside contained. As well as adding an element of magic and preciousness, the glass also helps to stop time, so we're witnessing a snapshot image of a moment.
I've been thinking a lot about how a diorama or dollshouse contains within itself a whole seperate world, that we are able to watch over or manipulate. Maybe that place though is somewhere we don't enjoy or expect; Doyle's houses are often in jeopardy and the people frequently in danger -facing their problems or fears.

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