Friday, 12 November 2010


Alongside the Mary Greg dioramas is an automaton made by Andy Hazell. It's a structure made up of small rooms and inside each is a scene showing a figure going about it's daily routine. It wasn't working when I was there but I think the model is designed to turn as the characters brush their teeth and flip their bacon. The small scale scenes made from tinplate link in really well with the domestic settings played out in the Mary Greg box rooms and dollshouse.

I then came across Andy Hazell's 'Cities' - miniature versions of entire cities, below is Rio de Janeiro and Athens. They're like small stages that have turned a real life place into a completely new one, on an island of its own. They have plenty of small details, but aren't neat and haven't been intricately made, which I like - it makes them really playful.

Ana Serrano makes these amazing little cartoon-like buildings that are inspired by her Mexican American culture. I love the colours and her use of card and collage, she also puts images over the windows so you can see whats going on inside.

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