Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Englishman who Posted Himself

Last Monday Hazel gave a talk about Mail Art, so I did a little bit of research and read up on Reginald Bray who loved to test the postal service.

At one point or another he mailed:
A bowler hat
A rabbit skull (with the address written on the nasal bone)
A penny
A turnip
And an Irish Terrior.

He mailed himself twice, not in a box though, the postman walked him up to the door.

I also have a book called Envelopes by Harriet Russell in which she challenges the postal workers to work out her address, surprisingly most of them made it through.
I shall definitely be giving this a go at some point.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

MARY GREG collected thousands of objects which she donated to the Manchester Art Gallery over a period of 30 years. The collection of everyday items she accumulated were, to her, very precious and important, not only as a record of traditional skills, but also to inspire others to make things. The art gallery put them away into drawers and boxes, where they lived forgotten for a long long time.


Develop ideas that might be used for a special exhibition. The exhibition is hoping to use all the public areas of Platt Hall for a short special "event". The theme of the event is Mary Greg and her Bygone Collection.

Today we were able to visit the back rooms of Platt Hall and rummage through the collection. There isn't much else i'd rather do - getting to open up and look inside boxes and drawers and cupboards filled with objects - giddy curiosity levels.

I love how these things are packed away - stacked boxes, labelled. The costumes are kept in wardrobes all lined up side by side, with locks and small keys. Its the act of discovery in opening them up that appeals to us.

Some of my favourite finds:

These miniature versions of objects have been lovingly stored in a shallow box with small compartments.

A memorial piece to keep locks of hair, each lock is framed and amazingly worked, I guess these are a bit macabre, but I like eerie, I think they're very sentimental.


I had a letterpress induction yesterday and these are the outcome. Hand printed text looks a lot more special.